Eco Friendly Fashion

Boutique Uma is a pioneer in the world of eco-responsible Indian fashion in Canada, and we constantly seek to improve our environmental practises. We're always expanding our offer of clothing made with ecological materials to consumers by incorporating environmentally friendly textiles into the manufacturing process. Our mission is to make products that do not harm people, animals, or the planet.

Vegan Clothing

Vegan clothing is any garment made without harming animals. Some animal products are leather, fur, silk, feathers, wool, cashmere, shearling, snakeskin, suede and more. Shopping for vegan clothing is not difficult. Just look for non-animal-derived materials (natural plant-based fabrics) like cotton, linen, and polyester.


Recycled polyester

Boutique Uma is dedicated to use recycled polyester for its clothing.

We are working with our partners on our next project to use recycled plastic bottles so that it can be applied in our clothing. The process is to use recycled bottles (without their caps), sorted (by colour) and washed; they are then shredded and melted before being transformed into pellets. These pellets are then transformed into fibre.


Social Responsibility

No animal testing. No animal cruelty. No slave labor.

Passionate about the health of humanity and the planet.

Encourage and support workforce of women who have been subject to domestic abuse.