What are indian outfits?

South Asian culture is rich and diverse and so is its clothing! Considered to be beautiful for their colors and uniqueness. The South Asian way of dressing has always been an icon of grandeur all over the world and to carry forward the trends; Boutique Uma offers attractive trendy colors, designs, embroideries and fabrics exactly matching up your personality.


Women Apparel - Saree 

The saree happens to be the most versatile drape with its amazing styles of draping and design. The saree is the traditional dress of India which also modifies as per material, drape and style with each region. This has also gone up to international drape style followed by ranking designers on the ramp shows.

The saree brings out the essence of feminism. The saree is the most common outfit for women. This is a rectangular piece of cloth of six yards in length. The material can be cotton, silk or synthetic. Silk sarees are embroidered at the borders, sometimes with real gold thread. Synthetic sarees are printed in various designs such as floral, multi-color shaded or animal prints. The saree can fit any size and if worn properly can accentuate the woman’s curves. There are various methods of wearing the saree. However, the most common method is wrapping the cloth around the waist, making pleats in the front and draping the final length around the shoulder (Please see "How to Drape a Saree" for complete draping method). A choli is a tightly fitted, short blouse. It has sleeves either up to the elbows or up to the middle of the upper arm. It has buttons either in the front or the back. The material used is cotton, silk or synthetic. In some parts of the country, women wear a ‘ghagra’ with the choli instead of the saree. The ‘ghagra’ resembles a skirt with sewn-in pleats secured at the waist with the length up to the ankles. This is again made of cotton, silk or synthetic.


Women Apparel - Salwar-Kameez

Another common outfit worn by women is the ‘salwar-kameez’. A ‘salwar’ resembles a pyjama drawn tightly in at the waist with a string and is tailored in such a way that it tapers at the ankles. The ‘kameez’ is worn over the ‘salwar’. This is a long shapely outfit, which resembles a long shirt. The most common pattern has sleeves up to the wrists, slits on the sides, a mandarin collar with buttons in front. Instead of a ‘salwar’, women also wear a ‘churidar’. This is a tighter version of the ‘salwar’ accentuating the knees and ankles. The ‘salwar-kameez’ and the ‘ghagra-choli’ are usually worn with the ‘dupatta’. This is a rectangle cloth made of very thin cotton or synthetic material used to cover the head and the chest. 


Outfits for Men – Kurta-Pyjama Set & Dhotis

Indian men normally dress more for comfort than style. Most common clothing for men is the ‘pyjama’ and ‘kurta’. In the villages, instead of ‘pyjamas’, men wear ‘lungis’. The ‘lungi’ is a rectangle cloth, usually made of cotton’, draped around the waist and pleated in the front.